Hello, I am Rod Emory and building vintage Porsche Outlaws has been my life’s work.

My wife, Amy, and I started Emory Motorsports in 1996 with a few simple goals: to build the most iconic, yet personalized Porsche 356s on the planet and to deliver a customer experience unlike any other in the Porsche marketplace.

Over the years we’ve built over 150 Porsche 356 and 911 ‘Outlaws,’ as they have come to be known. We’ve also restored and cared for several significant Porsche works cars including a 904-6, a 906, two 908s, a Pooper and Porsche’s first works Le Mans entry and class winner, a Gmund SL from 1949.

Each car comes together as if we were building it for ourselves, yet each one is tailored to the owner’s specific tastes and requirements.

We are not in the stock restoration business, but each original Porsche we build is restored to better-than-factory standards from its metal unibody and exterior to its mechanicals and interior.

We only build cars to order and there are two essential categories:
356 Outlaw and Emory Special. Learn more about these unique breeds here —>

We hope you enjoy your visit to Emory Motorsports. If you still have questions, please give us a call.


1949 Porsche Gmund SL 356/2 - Chassis 063

One of the special projects that we have had the fortune to oversee is the restoration of this, perhaps the most significant Porsche competition 356 in existence, the 1951 Le Mans class-winning Gmund SL owned by Cameron Healy.


The restoration of the 1949 Gmund SL was completed in time for the 66th edition of the Pebble Beach Concour d'Elegance. This was Porsche's first works entry into an international racing event and in 1951 it came home from Le Mans a class winner. The car was never meant for show, but some 65 years later its presence at the world's premier concours seemed fitting, considering the exhaustive attention to detail given to its Le Mans-winning renaissance.



Here's a behind-the-scenes walkthrough of the Emory Motorsports North Hollywood workshop from our friends across the pond. -->>

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