In 2014, Chip Foose asked me to be his co-builder on the show because, for the first time in the show's history, they were going to Overhaul a Porsche 356. I agreed and so began one of the most watched and perhaps most controversial episodes.

Because a vintage Porsche is such a specialty and many of the parts on them are not readily available in the aftermarket, I lent my expertise along with my father's, Gary Emory, and we solved all of the critical parts issues by the end of the build, which was just three weeks.

It was one of the craziest things we've done since the 24 Hours of LeMons, but it was absolutely worth the time, effort and relationship building that happened because of it.

overhaulin foose illustration

Chip Foose's concept illustration of the Porsche 356 to be built on Overhaulin'.

overhaulin 356 before resto

overhaulin 356 before resto2

The subject 356 and what we started with. Lots of swiss cheese in the body was found after media blasting.

overhaulin 356 assembly3

The Chip Foose / Rod Emory Porsche 356 afer body & paint and the assembly process beginning.

overhaulin rod emory gary emory

Rod Emory and father Gary Emory.

overhaulin rod emory

Rod Emory stands aside the Chip Foose / Rod Emory Porsche 356, showing the one of the signature design elements, an oval rear window from an earlier Volkswagen Bug.

overhaulin 356 assembly1

overhaulin 356 after resto3

 overhaulin 356 interior

overhaulin 356 after resto1

overhaulin outlaw badge

The first time Chip Foose has co-badged a car with another builder since the show began.

overhaulin luke guilmette chip foose

Luke Guilmette with Chip Foose.

overhaulin rod emory arianny celeste

Rod Emory with Arianny Celeste after completion of the Chip Foose / Rod Emory Porsche 356.

overhaulin rod emory chip foose

Rod Emory and Chip Foose after wrapping one of the most intense builds the show had seen, a Porsche 356 with some unique design elements by Chip.


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