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Summer 2010

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Issue 4 / 2014


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 The Santa Barbara Region PCA RUF (Retired & Unemployed Folks) stopped by for a shop tour.

 EM-Auspuff articlepage

We appreciate your visit and the opportunity to illustrate our Southern California history.

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Auto Motor und Sport

March 2016

Our friends from German magazine Auto Motor und Sport gave us some wonderful coverage for their audience in the fatherland who are hungry for news about the Porsche 356 Outlaw.

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 AutoBlog has expressed their opinion of the Emory Outlaw. See what they said…

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"The black lacquer badge affixed to this 1964 Porsche 356 Cabriolet has two words on it: "356 Outlaws." When it was first produced by a jeweler in the 1980s for the Emory family, the word "Outlaw" was a term of pride only meaningful to the father-and-son team that were building these custom Porsches. Outside of their Orange County garage, the Outlaws attracted less respect than outlaw humans."

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Automobile road-tests and reviews cars. See what they said about ours:

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"The tach’s needle dances as I urge the reformed Porsche 356 through North Hollywood’s congested streets. “Leno’s shop is over there,” Rod Emory tells me, and my thoughts stray from the 356’s sensations to the stories both Emory and the sultan of car collectors, Jay Leno, could tell about car-culture history. Rod’s grandfather was part of the original SoCal hot-rod era and the modified-car scene, a tradition passed down to his grandson."

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We've been thumbing through the pages of AutoWeek since we can remember. They wanted to drive an Outlaw. Here's their thoughts on the matter:

EM-Autoweek articlepage



"If you believe that original Porsches are gifts from on high handed down to us mere mortals to ogle, worship and only drive under the most controlled of conditions and even then with latex gloves and moisture barricades around the driver’s seat, then what you see here is an outrage. If, however, you think that cars are fun to drive and that you can modify them to make them even more fun, well then, this is the greatest thing since the invention of the aluminum forged wheel."

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AutoWeek 356SL

356/2 063 is a significant car in the pantheon of Porsche Motorsport. AutoWeek put pen to paper:

EM-AW-11-14-16 356SL-1


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AutoWeek Brilliance

We've been thumbing through the pages of AutoWeek since we can remember. AutoWeek has been eyeballing our cars for some time, too. Here's their take on what we do:

EM-Autoweek articlepage2


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Bil Magasinet

October 2016

Our friends from Denmark's Bil Magasinet paid us a visit earlier this year to get a little Outlaw flavor for their very classy magazine on the automotive industry.

Bil Okt-2016 Page 1

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Bloomberg Pursuits

Bloomberg Pursuits visited our workshop in August to capture how we do what we love to do.

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"To enjoy certain objects of luxury today, you must be a bit of a sadist. 

You must be willing to pay enough so that it hurts a little to swallow the fee. You must be willing to endure a waiting period (weeks? years?) stretched taut between the moment of desire and the moment you acquire the object that prompts it. 

An Hermès Birkin, a Patek Philippe split-second chronograph, a 1998 Krug Clos d’Ambonnay. The hurdles to obtaining them lend to the ecstasy of their possession. So it is when you finally drive your Emory Porsche Outlaw."

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Issue 632 / March 2015


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Classic Driver

 Classic Driver gave us some quality ink in their widely read site.

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"When Rod Emory and his father started modifying Porsche 356s in the late 1980s, a time when pristine, concours-ready classics were enjoying immense popularity, they were deemed outlaws. More than two decades and some 150 cars later, the term has come to epitomise a burgeoning counter-culture…"

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Classic Porsche

 Classic Porsche has been wanting to visit the shop for some time. We also gave them a sneak peek into the process of restoring the 356 SL.


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Excellence 1999

April 1999

Excellence 4-1999

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Excellence 2013

September 2013

Excellence 9-2013

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Excellence 2016

November 2016

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Flat Sixes @ Pebble

Flat Sixes is all about Porsche. They study, they shoot, they write and they know good from bad. They were in attendance at the 2016 Monterey Car Week and this was their take on the coolest stuff there:

EM-FlatSixes Pebble2016


"This car was Porsche's very first Le Mans victor in the 1951 1.1 liter class. It finished 20th overall at an average of just over 70 miles per hour. In 1952 the car was shipped to the US where it's first race was the Pebble Beach event that year. By that time, the owner had cut the roof off to create a roadster-style racer. The painstaking restoration was recently completed with the intent of showing it at the Pebble Beach Concours."

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 Forbes stopped by in June and drove our cars to understand why these are not your typical Porsche 356s.

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"Emory Motorsports builds exquisitely evolved “Outlaw” 356 Porsches that deliver the authentic immediacy of a 1950s sports car, but with the power, brakes, handling, and ease of ownership a stock 356 cannot match. To date, Rod Emory and his father, Gary, have built about one hundred Outlaw and Emory Special 356s."

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Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol curates cool content for the adventurous minded. They stopped in and went for a drive:

EM-GearPatrol articlepage


"Rod Emory lays out three rear trailing arms on the concrete floor in his shop in North Hollywood, California. The man is making a point. Farthest from us is an untouched, stock arm from a late-’60s 911. Next is the same arm, but with a few chunks sheared off and the edges left jagged. Nearest to us is an identical arm, but remodeled with gleaming, fresh welds, customized to fit the shop’s newest creation. These parts form an Emory Motorsports evolutionary chart that demonstrates their philosophy: honor the history of the past, but embrace the performance of the present."

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Gestalten - The Drive

Emory Motorsports' Outlaws are featured in a new book by specialty publisher Gestalten called "The Drive." Click the images or follow this link to their web site to place an order for this coffee-table quality book. Release date will be in June of 2016.

Gestalten cover

Gestalten page sm

Jalopy Journal

 Jalopy Journal had a slow day at the end of 2015. Here are the fumes…

Jalopy Journal story on Emory Motorsports and Valley Custom Shop 


"Slow day on a slow/short week… So, I thought I would bring you something a bit off topic. You remember Rod Emory, right? If not, he’s the grandson of Neil Emory – the legendary man behind Valley Custom and a number of history’s most important custom cars. I wrote about Neil and his descendant, Rod, a few years back. "

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Highway Earth

Evan Klein photographs cars. Old, new — it don't matter. He included us in the 2016 edition of Highway Earth car show and magazine. Click through the PDF version of the magazine to see his uniqe images of our shop and cars.





November 2016

Maxim pulled the curtain back on the Emory workshop to give its readers an inside look at a Porsche 356 for the connoisseur.


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The web version of the article can be found here -->>>



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