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Jeremy Maggs of caught up with us at the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for a chat about craftsmanship in the digital age.





November 2016

Maxim pulled the curtain back on the Emory workshop to give its readers an inside look at a Porsche 356 for the connoisseur.


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Issue 17 / Autumn 2015

Motorhead 17 Autumn 2015article

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Petersen Museum

The Petersen Museum here in Los Angeles has one of the most notable collections of cars in the world. It's a wonderful place to visit, but on this day, they visited us here in our workshop. Have a listen to the podcast using the links below.

EM-Petersen-CarStories articlepage

"He was five years old when his dad, Gary, first asked if he wanted to drive. The golden Pismo Beach dunes rolled before him, but all he saw was a Baja Bug. It was in fact, the first Baja Bug ever. He climbed in, dad stuck a cushy pillow behind him, and he popped the clutch and stalled. The rest of the weekend was spent figuring out how to shift and driving it up and down the sandy dunes."

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Petrolicious Interview

Petrolicious celebrates cool car culture. We made the cut:



"Tucked away on a nondescript industrial block in North Hollywood, California is a parking lot without a sign, behind a gate with no marking. Driving through this gate and about eight spots down on the left is a small door (with an even smaller sign) that reads “EMORY Motorsports”. Open this door and you’ll be greeted by a man named Rod Emory, whose handshake is as strong as his smile."

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 See also their article on the 1960 Emory Outlaw Roadster -->



Porsche Post

Our friends at the Porsche Club of Great Britain ventured across the pond to check in on the Yanks who mod 356s.

Porsche Club GB Porsche Post

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Robb Report

 Robb Report wanted to know what made us tick. Here is the story.

 EM-RobbReport articlepage

"Motor oil runs through the veins of Emory Motorsports founder Rod Emory. Emory’s grandfather played an early part in forging Southern California hot-rod history, and his father founded Porsche Parts Obsolete, a company specializing in defunct factory components for Porsches. Growing up in his father’s shop and building a handful of cars before graduating from high school seemed to secure Emory’s place in the custom-automotive universe, despite a brief educational stint in the aerospace industry that might have threatened a detour."

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 A separate article titled Refined Rebels appeared in the October, 2015 print edition of the Robb Report, which yielded this internet abstract:

EM RobbReport article2 2015

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Shift and Steer

Shift and Steer's automotive coverage of what's cool in the industry is like an automatic drip coffee maker: it's reliable and you know it'll be good. They asked us to be on the 'cast for the first week of May 2017.

ShiftSteer articlepage


Episode #85 (05/03/17) Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports talks Outlaw Porsches

Direct Link: http:

This week Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria talk with Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports. He is the hot rodder of the Porsche world, building incredible outlaw 356 and 911 Porsches. Then we take Aaron Hagar off of hold and talk to him about driving blind in his new toy a 1960 Mini.



Our friends at Speedster were curious about our super-stealth 356 RSR project. We pulled back the curtain a little:


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The Drive

Who's influencing air-cooled Porsche culture? Here are The Drive's thoughts on the subject.

EM-TheDrive articlepage2

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 The Drive got to do something so few people have done: get behind the wheel of the first Emory Outlaw.

 EM-TheDrive articlepage

"Even Porsche buyers are crazy for SUVs. And the latest 911 is as pampering as a spa week in Schloss Elmau. So a hearty ach du Lieber to Rod Emory, whose old-school, customized Outlaws could wake any Porsche fan from a Cayenne-induced slumber."

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The Luxe Cafe

 The Luxe Cafe is India’s leading online luxury lifestyle magazine. We gave them an interview and here is the result:

 EM-LuxeCafe articlepage

"In the world of customised sports cars, Emory Motorsports spells thrill and luxury like no other. If a Porsche 356 has been touched by an Emory, it’s been transformed into an Outlaw or a Special, a legendary creature of dramatic performance and unique elegance — all vintage-class. Purists might sometimes turn up their noses at what is for them a heresy, but the desirability quotient of these cars is nothing short of phenomenal. We bring you an exclusive tete-a-tete with the man himself — Rod Emory, founder and creator, who’s been building cars since the age of 14 — and for whom Porsche runs in the blood."

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The Royal Racer

July 2017

The Royal Racer is a magazine about style and mecha-culture. We appreciate their take on Porsche life. Look for more good things from this startup.

TRRMAG-01 Emory-1

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Kyle Hyatt of V3llum visited our workshop in October to help burn some of our midnight oil.

 EM-Vellum articlepage

"Believe it or not, there was a time not that long ago when modifying a Porsche for any reason was considered a travesty. Keep in mind that this is at a time when most Porsches, 911s and 356s alike, were worth a fraction of what they are today. One of the men who changed the Porsche community's perception of the modified car, or "Outlaw" as it became known, was a young man named Rod Emory.

It's been said that you have to know the rules before you can break them and handily for Rod, his family wrote many of the rules in the first place. His family is steeped in Porsche tradition as anyone and though it hasn't been scientifically proven, Rod may in fact have 20w50 running through his veins. Rod Emory's story starts long before he was born, back in the late 1940s with his grandfather Neil Emory."

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