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Bespoke Interiors - Outlaw Style

Emory Motorsports is recognized for getting more from less. When building an iconic Porsche 356 Outlaw for a client, details are critical. We respect Porsche’s original design aesthetics, yet we find very subtle ways to create new and unique customer experiences through the use of new materials. One example of this is the upholstery in some of our Emory Outlaws and Specials.

As a Porsche customer, one has always been able to customise their car right from the factory. Beyond the performance spec, the most important choices to make are exterior color and interior upholstery. One option the factory made available from the earliest days were seats made of contrasting materials. An example can be seen in an extract from a Porsche certificate of authenticity where the seats were composed of both leatherette and corduroy inserts (pleated center panels). This was a nice option because it helped keep driver and passenger cool during the summer months. (The photo below of a different car illustrates the leatherette/corduroy combo in sand color.)

Porsche coa int-ext specs sm

porsche356 int 2sm

porsche356 int sm


We thought about this and found a way to use new materials to achieve the same effect, while maintaining unique aesthetics in an Emory Outlaw bespoke interior. Since an Emory Outlaw’s upholstery is always made of leather, we decided to combine smooth and basket-weave leather inserts on a few of our recent builds. For one car bound for the UK, we carefully color-matched the blue leather, then employed a local custom leather studio @KillSpencer to upholster the seats and headrests. The result is a rich interior where color, texture and pattern flow together from the square-weave carpet to the seats to the headliner.

60-1959-emory-356-outlaw-rhd sm

61-1959-emory-356-outlaw-rhd sm

68-1959-emory-356-outlaw-rhd sm


Vintage Electric Bike

EMORY OUTLAW TRACKER from Vintage Electric on Vimeo.

One of the coolest things we get to do is to collaborate with like-minded people and companies, one of which certainly is Vintage Electric. We think they build the baddest e-bikes on planet earth and when they gave us the opportunity to help style one of their Trackers, we jumped at the chance. What you see here is the result of this collab and you can get your very own Outlaw Tracker direct from the source -->>>



Singer 911 Targa Roll Bar Cover Louvers

Singer Vehicle Design decided to develop a Targa version of their reimagined 911. Because 964 variants of the 911 did not have Porsche's signature triple vertical louver, it was an opportunity for Singer, with the help of Emory Motorsports, to put their spin on the roll bar cover. We lent our expertise in louver design, tooling and prototyping, which ultimately yielded a small number of Targas with the reimagined 2-louver design using original 964 stainless steel roll bar covers.

964 Targa Bar Louver scan

964 Targa Bar Louver die emory

rodemory cutting singertarga louver

rodemory punching singertarga louver

rodemory sanding singertarga louver

20 singer 911 targa 1

10 singer 911 targa 1

singer 911 cupertino1


Porsche Gmund SL 063 Le Mans Class Winner

This is the car that arguably started it all, Porsche's first works Le Mans entry and class winner.

1951, a terrible year for Bordeaux wine, but a great year for Porsche as it launched its fledgling company's cars into competition around the world, especially throughout the wine-growing regions of France and Italy.

Having produced a small run of vehicles with aluminum bodies early in its serialized production of the 356, Porsche was asked to compete in the 1951 24 Hours of Le Mans. Europe was getting back on its feet from the war and there was a great deal of development in the automotive sector. Ferdinand Porsche was forged in an environment of creativity and competition, so racing was a natural for him and his sons followed suit.

The road to Le Mans was paved with accidents as the company tested the mettle of its cars and drivers who would need to last a full 24 hours. Three of the four cars prepared for competition suffered significant damage, so only one was left as the sole entrant for the mid-June event. The hopes of an entire company rested on the shoulders of the two French drivers and an aluminum-bodied coupe with a 1.1-liter engine.

There is a much longer story to be told about the history of Gmund SL 063, but the one we will begin to tell here is the story of the restoration by Emory Motorsports to its Le Mans-winning form and livery.

The car's current owner, Cameron Healy, a long-time client of Emory Motorsports and dyed-in-the-wool Porsche Motorsport enthusiast, commissioned Rod Emory to restore 356/2-063 to its factory-original form, a coupe.

Chassis 063's bare-metal reveal at the 2015 Porsche Rennsport Reunion V was significant as this was the first time in 63 years that it had been seen in public as a coupe, the way it won its class at Le Mans in 1951. Porsche AG acknowledged its authenticity and inivted it to share a stage with two other Le Mans winners. This was a proud moment for owner and restorer alike, but there was much more ground to cover before the finish.


2016 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

The restoration of the 1949 Gmund SL was completed in time for the 66th edition of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. This was Porsche's first works entry into an international racing event and in 1951 it came home from Le Mans a class winner. The car was never meant for show, but some 65 years later its presence at the world's premier concours seemed fitting, considering the exhaustive attention to detail given to its Le Mans-winning renaissance.

356/2-063 competed in the class "O-2 Post-War Sports Racing" against some very worthy competition, not the least of which were an Aston Martin and a Maserati Tipo 60/61. Ultimately, the Porsche (the only Porsche in this year's show) took second in class to the "Bird-cage" Maserati (a two-time Le Mans entrant).


 356 SL early morning by Jay Ramey2

356 SL Dawn Pebble Beach Drew Phillips

IMG 1375

IMG 1390

IMG 1323

IMG 1339-2

IMG 1370

IMG 1355

IMG 1352

IMG 1488

IMG 1503

IMG 1540

IMG 1557

IMG 1573

GmundSL15GmundSL14GmundSL16GmundSL13GmundSL17GmundSL18GmundSL2GmundSL6GmundSL1-1GmundSL1GmundSL7GmundSL8GmundSL3GmundSL4GmundSL5GmundSL9GmundSL10GmundSL11GmundSL12GmundSL19Porsche familyphoto RRV 

A few media links with Rennsport Reunion V coverage:




4-liter Singer 911 Air Filter Bezel

Singer Vehicle Design asked Emory Motorsports to design a special piece for their new 4.0-liter 911 powerplant. They created a new air plenum to supply enough oxygen for the beastly engine, but needed a 'crown jewel' to capture the air filter. We started by scanning the plenum to understand its dimensions, then set about designing a filter bezel according to Singer's guidelines.

4-liter air plenum scan emory singer

4-liter air filter bezel emory singer

Singer-911-964-airfilter bezel1

Singer-964-airfilter bezel2 emory


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