Singer 911 Targa Roll Bar Cover Louvers

Singer Vehicle Design decided to develop a Targa version of their reimagined 911. Because 964 variants of the 911 did not have Porsche's signature triple vertical louver, it was an opportunity for Singer, with the help of Emory Motorsports, to put their spin on the roll bar cover. We lent our expertise in louver design, tooling and prototyping, which ultimately yielded a small number of Targas with the reimagined 2-louver design using original 964 stainless steel roll bar covers.

964 Targa Bar Louver scan

964 Targa Bar Louver die emory

rodemory cutting singertarga louver

rodemory punching singertarga louver

rodemory sanding singertarga louver

20 singer 911 targa 1

10 singer 911 targa 1

singer 911 cupertino1


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