Special Projects

Magnus Walker 911 Front Fender Louvers

Magnus Walker came to Emory Motorsports with a louver project, "right up your alley." We agreed. He wanted some race-inspired louvers in the front fenders of what would become his "911 SRT," featured at SEMA in 2014. We began by 3-d scanning a similar fender, using its curves as the basis of our die design. We had the dies milled out of tool steel from our CAD files, then set about the process of punching louvers.

911 fender louver CAD emory

MW louver4

MW louver1

MW louver2

MW louver7

MW louver5

MW louver6

MW louver3

MW louver8

MW louver10


Porsche America Roadster Windshield Frame Redesign

Joe Cavaglieri, noted master craftsman of vintage racing car restoration, came to Emory Motorsports with a windshield project. He was tasked with redefining the windshield aesthetics of a 1952 Typ 540 Porsche America Roadster. He asked if we could apply our 'digital know-how' to refine the A-pillars with more graceful lines, something much more fluid like the rest of the Roadster's body. We began by 3-d scanning the existing A-pillars, center post and cowl channel. Ultimately, our CAD files were machined from solid aluminum billet to make an all-new windshield frame.

During our design process, we used 3D Systems' QuickParts service to source a 3d-printed prototype of the initial A-pillar design which we showed to the customer. This SLA part proved a useful tool and ultimately yielded the final design which we committed to machining once our client had approved of the revisions. This process is documented here at 3D Systems -->

Am Roadster Windshield 14

Am Roadster Windshield 12

Am Roadster Windshield 9

Am Roadster Windshield 13

Am Roadster Windshield 15

 Am Roadster Windshield 8

Am Roadster Windshield 11

Am Roadster Windshield 10

Am Roadster Windshield 7

Am Roadster Windshield 1

Am Roadster Windshield 2


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