"Rotisserie" Restoration Rack
As used on all the projects at Emory Motorsports
Use 1 1/4" .083 square tube. The dimensions are approx. The best way to build it is lay your hoop dimensions out on the floor. Both hoops need to be symmetrical. Put your car up on stands with the wheels off and the motor and gearbox removed. Build your hoops. Then you want to build the pieces that attach to the body. The front uprights bolt to the sway bar location using 1/4" flat steel. weld your uprights to the bolt plate and let them hang. Then build your rear uprights. At the top drill and sleeve a hole large enough to run a bolt through and attach them to the transmission hoop bolt location on the body. Then with the help of somebody stand the hoops up and tack them to your uprights. Get them square and parallel. the next step is to tack the horizontal bars that strengthen your uprights. then you can build your side braces. You want to locate them up and down so that you can open your doors with them on. After it is all mocked up and tacked, then you can take it off the car and weld it up. Then you can weld the 4 castors on and you are ready to begin your restoration. One person can roll the car over but it is better with two. The side braces can be removed while working on the car but you should only remove one at a time.

Emory Motorsports assumes no responsibility for the design or construction of your rack. This is only a suggestion on how this should be built.

Don't forget that Parts Obsolete carries a complete inventory of new and used restoration parts from full concourse to full Outlaw. Gary is a great resource and can help you from beginning to end during your project. Give This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a call if you need anything. 503-835-2300

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